Little Flower Pot Wedding Blog

Hello viewers, this blog has been neglected for quite sometime (since we have a new website) so I was thinking of refurbishing it and make it a wedding blog for Little Flower Pot. So, what's new here? you might ask. Nothing new, just wanna put our stuff on weddings, like wedding flowers, hantaran, bridal bouquets and more. I will also post photos of our beloved clients on their weddings/engagements day (if there's any-I better start collecting now!)
If there's any flowers-/weddings-related questions that you would like to ask (not about the price!), please email me at and I will do my best to answer and post the reply here to share with everyone out there.

Here is something for you to grab! :)
First email from any of you out there will get a voucher of RM30!
You may use it to buy any of our products and services (non-promotional items only)
So what are you waiting for??!! Email me your questions NOW!

I think that's all for now..check out our blog next week to see who's the lucky winner!

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