February 2009 Couple - Ina and Shah

Salam and Hello to everyone! This hantaran was for Ina, Kuala Lumpur, engagement on 8th February 2009. Ina is fun and easy to work with. When i recommended red bunga stokin, she said okay. She asked me to do her hantaran nicely since her MIL is an expert in making hantaran :)
So, i was quite anxious! i tried to do something different and this was the outcome. Full-bloom roses and rose buds. Alhamdulillah, Ina liked it *phew* She also mentioned 'besar dan kemas' which made me smile the whole day :)
She looked so beautiful in pink!

Ina and Shah. Congratulations once again!

The Red Bunga Dulang Stokin
Someone asked for this..as bunga pahar VIP!

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