Kuantan Wedding

salam and greetings to all..
exactly one month ago, i was in kuantan doing this fresh flowers hantaran for Ifa. at first, we (ifa, kak yana<--mastermind and me) planned to do a red-and-white-theme hantaran. then kak yana emailed to me the pictures of ifa's baju bersanding which is dusty pink in color. so i suggested red, pink and a pinch of white in silver trays. to be honest, i was shocked on how it turned out. the combination is menjadi! :)
the sirih junjung
above pics : chocs, strawberries
below pics : gift (for display) and iPod
no pics (snap tp pics tak jadi, blur!) : bag pack, sepasang baju melayu, perfume set and ring holder.
to Ifa, congrats and thanks for the order.
to kak yana..thanks a lot for your help while we were in kuantan.
to makngah and family yang menhidangkan otak-otak dan sata yang sangat sedap..hehe, terima kasih sebab melayan kami ye..

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