Sha's Hantaran - Bunga Stokin

greetings from Little Flower Pot!
it's been a while..i know :P i better do this now eventhough i couldnt get thru Sha's FB for her wedding pics. she just sent me the hantaran pics using email this evening. i wonder why i cannot find her on FB.. been trying to search her email/full name and same goes to her..she couldnt add me as well.. very disappointing! :`(

updated: finally! managed to add her :D she looked sweet! nice make up..berseri pengantin!

btw, this is the bunga stokin. she packed the bunga dulang to be brought back to Melaka because the wedding took place right after raya. i've shown her what to do with the bunga dulang because she need to arrange by herself. with the help of her SIL, turned out nice!
i will update this entry once i get the pengantin pic, insyaAllah.

sha, nice knowing you and thanks for the pics ye..and thanks for choosing LFP :)


sha said...

hello Su! yep betul its been a while..finally dpt tgk ur updates bout me in ur blogspot! yeah !! aniway hope it could give some ideas 2 ur incoming customers, hehe, amin. nice knowing u too and frankly all ur deco is very classic n nice.. specially my gold and brown stocking deco, chewah!! eehehe

keep in tarsh n all de best!

Little Flower Pot and Gifts said...

hai sha..thanks so much for the sweet words :D really appeciate it!
keep in touch ok :))