Emy's wedding

salam and hai to all..
this 2 sets hantaran was for emy's majlis nikah on 3rd oct 2009. the tiffany blue was from emy to husband and white was from her husband to emy.
some new combination of flowers. always wanted to use this beautiful big blue flowers :)
i must say, they are very good at planning the wedding. everything was done perfectly.
majlis bertunang emy dijalankan pada waktu pagi dan petangnya(selepas 5 jam), status emy bertukar dari tunangan ke isteri...sungguh comel couple ini!
white flowers on the silver trays. and the black alas? to compliment the black/silver backdrop of the mini pelamin. it was soooo easy/smooth discussion with linda regarding the hantaran / concept / colors. linda mcm dah tau what to expect from me, so it was easy for me to execute her plans. and the family are super nice! even the neighbours are nice too. some still recognize me :) looking forward to work with u guys next time insyaAllah.. (kalau ada rezeki dan umur panjang)

sirih junjung both sides.
to linda, emy and the whole family, thank u for hiring me once again. i really appreciate your trust in Little Flower Pot! to emy and husband, semoga berbahagia hingga akhir hayat!

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