bunga pahar teddy bear

my 1st post for 2010! :D
2009 has been wonderful! it was my best year so far!
2010 will be more challenging and exciting I hope! :)))
opening post for my dearest customer Farah from Ampang.
She is a fan* of soft toys i guess! she requested bunga pahar teddy bear for her wedding! while looking around to find the right teddy bear, i found this very cute teddy with a pearl heart shape and ribbon. its soo cute i just had to buy it. and i'm so glad that Farah loved it too..
something different for wedding..bunga pahar ops..not bunga, teddy bear pahar!that's what i should call it :D
thanks Farah..i loved it too..
*why a fan? because her hantaran is using teddy bear too!!

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