hello lovelies!!!
kpd customer LFP yang order thank u tag masa promotion hari tu dan masih belum terima tag yang diorder(refer here), plz email me with receipt sebagai bukti pembayaran secepat mungkin.
thank you very much!!!
p/s: we have new designs!! kindly email for further info :D

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wedding gifts said...

The 75th Anniversary edition of Emily Post's Etiquette is 845 pages long. It is a very substantial book. I bought it a few years ago at a second-hand bookstore and have spent more time than I might like to admit thumbing through the sections on weddings and funerals and mealtime manners.My man has never really shared my fascination with Emily and her book, especially on the few occasions I've come across something so interesting that I've tried to read it to him aloud. I don't think he dislikes proper etiquette--although he certainly isn't as concerned with it as I am--he just doesn't seem to think that there needs to be an 845 page book about it.And look, it's not that I'm completely caught up in the finer details of tipping department store delivery men. I just love all the intricacies of the system, this WASPy secret code of the past two hundred years. It's incredibly intriguing. And I also love the idea of Mrs. Post making her life's work out of telling everyone else in America how they ought to behave. She had books, magazines articles, and a newspaper column that was syndicated in a few hundred newspapers. Oh, and she was on the radio.