hello lovelies! it's been a very long time since my last post of hantarans collection here. there was so so much going on lately and i haven't got my chance to write here. i updated facebook quite frequently since there is not so much to type in there! but blog will always be blog, where i pour my stories and you guys have to bear with my long writing! hehe! jangan boring baca k?
i was quite disappointed to see some hantaran pics did not turn out nice :( blurry and all. lesson learnt: recharge your camera battery! or you have to rely on to your hp camera.
this hantaran is for Dr Hafsah, Putrajaya. she is a verryy nice person! and sweet! this hantaran is for her engagement.

she loves pink and red, so why not we combined both colors?

Hafsah, thanks for choosing Little Flower Pot!when some customers put high expectation on you, rasa boleh ke tak boleh ke(padahal memang boleh pun sebab dah selalu buat) but it made me nervous! hehe.. i guess everyone feels the same tak kira lah apa keje kita pun kan.. florist like me or keje office ke apa2 lain ke.. the outcome will be different everytime we do it.
ok that's all for now! nite!

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Atif said...

lovelies! flowers arrangement these are all so attractive and fantastic.
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