fresh flowers hantaran peach and cream

assalam and morning lovelies!
i just realized that i did not post most of my hantaran pics here!
how forgetful i am T_T luckily i checked and thanks to my beloved customer who reminded me on what is in and what is not. thanks CT!! :D

this hantaran was for yana. i must say that this hantaran was a hit! most customers referred to this hantaran when they wanted peach and pastel hantaran. i am using pillow for this hantaran so no alas dulang and pahar. i would like to announce here that we have no standard size pahar anymore. all pahar will be replaced with the new flat tray but the alas will still be the sequin and beaded alas with satin. no changes on the alas.

ok to yana, thanks for your order ye! hope to see you again!

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Rayyan Peek-a-Boo said...

kak i just read ur blog post..maybe its too late but i still wanna thank you for ur beautiful touch

yana :)