April Sale

How time flies! I started my monthly sale in January 2007 in LFP fotopages. it was not for long. after a year of silence, I reactivate my monthly sale, starting January this year. for me, it is a good bargain for my customers because the stuff i'm selling is really affordable. I always try to find something cheap and nice and transform it to a nice-looking-but-affordable gift. and I do custom-made these gifts according to theme colors. so, this is not leftover items okay! i make it for the purpose of selling it on LFP monthly sale.

Okay for April, here is the stuff. Potpourri in glass wrapped in net with dip flowers.
The price for April is RM1.70. The original price is RM2.00.
*minimum order is 60 pieces.
Please contact LFP if you have any questions or just leave msg in the comment box.
(I just activated the comment box because I didn't know how to do it before this! LOL)

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