may 2009 couple

i was about to write a new entry for my previous customer, intan, when azrin ym-ed me. the pictures are ready!yeay! after like an hour, he sent me email with tones of pictures! thanks sooo much!! i really appreciate that :D so here are the pictures. i must compile for easy-viewing.

zura looked so beautiful! even without make up! :D
azrin and zura is such a great couple i must say! from the moment i met them, i am touched by their warm-hearted and friendly manners. the discussion on hantaran went out smoothly and after 2 weeks, the hantarans are all ready. azrin was actually worried because this was kinda last minute order but luckily i am free on that date so i am able to do the hantaran for both sides, and besides, not all hantarans need flowers, only some.

the ceremony
my sister had a chance to meet them and the moment azrin and zura went back, she was like "wow..they are really good people! so polite and well-mannered!" and even told my family about them LOL!
ok enough of puji-puji, nanti malu plak diaorg :P
these are the pictures of the couple, the ceremony and the hantarans.
the black hantaran

the gold and beige hantaran

My big thanks to azrin and zura for choosing Little Flower Pot.
Congratulations to both of you!
It's really nice working with you guys :)

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