fresh new idea for your wedding...and beautiful too!

i was amazed when i saw this. it's really beautiful! imagine presenting a ring to your love one on a cake, as a ring holder. not just ordinary cake. it smells nice, tastes nice;not just the cake but also the mentos-taste fondant (yummy!!)
this is one fresh new creation from Wiz. i have blogged about her sometimes last year here. i tell u..this petite lady is creative and always full of ideas!
look what has she done to my niece's birthday cake!!! that girl was beaming!
more of her creations in her blog. to all bride-to-be out there, please visit her blog and leave your (positive) comment. she truly deserve it!
to kak wiz, keep up a good work and don't give up! ;)


Wiz said...

Suzana, muahs muahs muahs muahs muahs. Customers like you are god sent!

Little Flower Pot and Gifts said...

kak wiz! thanks for dropping by :)
am i? really? ok i would like to have a set of choc-flavoured cupcakes and super nice cheese topping. hehehe..just joking!!!
thanks a lot sis! :D

Wiz said...

I wrote an entry just for you to compensate the mishaps. Hope I am forgiven.