may 2009 couple

finally intan sent me her wedding photos :)
she did sent before but only hantaran pictures. i replied asking for HER photos..not the hantarans! hehe..
these are the pictures. i think the white persalinan was for nikah, the orange persalinan was for bersanding at her house and the brown one was at majlis bertandang (agak-agak je)
intan is my 1000th blog reader. she ordered bunga stokin package hantaran. so i asked whether she wanted fresh flowers hantaran as my gift for her and she said yes (i'm glad she agreed!)
she wanted brown bunga stokin so i made her hantaran using yellow roses(if only we have brown roses! yellow is the closest color). bunga kuning dlm tray kayu memang naik seri. i always love the combination.

i was down with fever,flu and sore throat on that day but i managed to do it with help of my niece, mas. thanks a lot mas! and i'm glad that the bride loved it. i know intan loves fresh flowers hantaran as she wanted fresh flowers hantaran before changed it to bunga stokin.
my big congratulations to intan and hubby. semoga berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat.

thanks for choosing Little Flower Pot!


Anonymous said...

the orange persalinan was for bertandang at teluk intan and the maroon one was at majlis bersanding (the correct one)

Little Flower Pot and Gifts said...'s maroon not brown!
sorry! :P
anyway thanks anon :D