red is back!

i have many requests from bride-to-bes for red hantaran especially fresh flowers. it's not easy to come out with different design each time. google doesn't help..really..and to do different design needs approval from the pengantin. kalau tak setuju, buat style yg sama saja..
fresh flowers looked best in raw. well, that's my opinion. well-maintained flowers are nice (pluck the outer petals to reveal the fresh petals inside) but to see it raw gives me this indescribable feeling (jiwang la pulak!)
ok that's not related to this entry for Nurul's hantaran :D she requested different colors and flowers before, but changed it to red roses and baby's breath. red and white is all time fav! my friend was using these colors for her wedding some years back and it is still 'in'. so watch out all pengantin out there..your theme colors might look outdated in the next few years! choose wisely okay! (let's just pray that vintage colors/themes will be 'in' in 30 years time hehe)
ring holder/pillow
how i wish i have Nurul's photos (at least 1 photo) but she didn't have any. so i guess i just publish the hantaran pictures.
it is so frustrating that i lost some of the hantaran pictures and the pictures of bunga pahar. i have transferred all but can't seem to find it in my HD. will update later on that.
to Nurul and hubby, congratulations and semoga bahagia hingga ke akhir hayat :)

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