Aliffah's Purple wedding

i waited almost 3 months for this post!
waited for Aliffah's wedding pics hehe..

she requested fresh flowers hantaran but i was not available(kuantan wedding) so she agreed to have artificial flowers hantaran instead. i tried not to use pastel purple (lilac) as the color is too common nowadays. glad that she approved! :D

some of the hantarans

i just LOVEEEE the photos!! i mean, she looked so lovely!
couldn't believe my eyes when i saw the photos..very very nice!

such a natural poser she is! i love her face expression in the photo. comel tau! hehe!

she also sent back the hantaran flowers for vase arrangement but i forgot to snap the picture.
the above picture is the vase arrangement for her bunga pahar..
bunga lebih2 masuk pasu je.takyah bazir kan!
Aliffah, congrats and thanks for choosing Little Flower Pot! :)))

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