Candle Wedding Gifts

Hello dear readers and viewers!
i have received quite a number of emails asking for candle gifts. so here are the samples pics that i replied to them. i think i just post the pictures here so that all of you can see several types of candles that i sell.
this is apple candle. red in color. size is approx 2 inches. as u can see, it can fit in the basket pouch. the price of the basket pouch is RM1.50. minimum order is 50 pieces. additional decoration can be done with the price of rm1 and above.

not just red apple is also available :D you will love the 'sour' smell of this candle!
same size as red apple. can easily fit into songket box. price of songket box is rm1.50.
apart from apples, orange and strawberry are also available.
price: RM 2 per piece (S size as above), RM5.50 (Medium) and RM7.50 (Large)
minimum order is 50 pieces.

this is another type of candle that i sell..flower candle.size is 7cm x 7cm.
color available is purple, pink, yellow, orange and green.
same candle but different ribbon but same price! (geddit? hehe..)

p/s: as u can see, there are few samples for the tags..for those yg request for design tu, i have explained in the email.tinggal bbrp hari lagi utk u all order! jangan lewat! :)


Socio said...

Nice to see your blog. Its really very nice. I like it very much. I also visited gifting site. It has unique gifts for all occasions.

Anonymous said...

nice deco
akak kalau sy nak order basket atas sekali tu @ songket for 200pcs how much the price?
reply me at

Little Flower Pot and Gifts said...

anon - dah reply kat email. thanks!

Anonymous said...

akak, kalo sy nk order 100 pcs apple hijau sahaja berape?

Little Flower Pot and Gifts said...

anon-harga nya spt di atas, rm2.00 per apple. thanks!

Anonymous said...

kak, saya pun nak tanya kalau nak order 200 epal merah bersekali dgn basket brapa? kalau 200 biji epal merah sahaja berapa?. TK. leh emel kat saya.