new tray for rent - D002W

Salam to all!
addition to the family :D
new hantaran tray!
code: D002W
approx 10 inches in diameter
1 size only
we have 9 trays
rent price per tray is rm10(rent with hantaran order)
few tips to use:
- as dulang pahar to replace the silver dulang pahar
- can use with/without alas dulang
- can use as tray hantaran (just put your hantaran stuff on top and deco with flowers)
- best look with fresh flowers :D

for the next 2 weeks (starting 25/11/2009 until 7/12/2009) if you order your hantaran using this tray for year 2010,
u will get 50%* discount for the rental price. yup u read it right!
so book the date now and get a special price for your dream hantaran!
*t&c apply
updated: the sample of the tray using fresh flowers deco for TV show

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