hantaran artificial flowers peach pink for ainul

salam and greetings to all!
this hantaran was made for Ainul's hubby. artificial hantaran using white tray. the theme colors are peach and pink. ainul smsed me early in the morning after her nikah day to tell me how beautiful the hantaran was. she said that she only saw the hantaran on the nikah time. she was pretty excited about the hantaran hehe..i can tell from the sms she wrote. alhamdulillah...
polka dot ribbon added the cuteness of the hantaran. the colors' combination is nice.

ainul..thanks a lot :D for the smses regarding the hantaran(yes, she sent me many smses, she made me really happy hehe) and for the smses that you sent on monday morning :) i truly appreciate it! BIG THANKS for supporting Little Flower Pot. hope to see you again!

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