hantaran bunga stokin for alida's bro

salam everyone..
1 post a day..trying to catch up! :D
sis alida who lives nearby asked for hantaran bunga stokin(stocking flowers).
the theme color is white with a hint of green.
i love the softness look of bunga stokin..nampak comel je..
and my 2nd try on bunga stokin set as flowers on top of the hantaran cake..
i would like to try dip flowers on the cake..anyone out there? interested? hehe..
fresh flowers for the tepak sirih..
white roses and yellow lily to brighten up the hantaran, to match the bekas tekat.
to sis Alida's bro, congrats!
to sis alida, thanks for your order :) and kak yana, thanks ya!

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