pink fresh flowers hantaran for Ilyana

Ilyana, the bride, is so lucky to have a sister like Izlin. Izlin was the one who called me to do the hantaran. they agreed on pink color roses on a silver tray (code ST001)
the sirih junjung
the ring tray
the chocolate tray
the sejadah
and watch..
there were 2 more trays, cake and cupcakes made by Izlin for her sister.
the house is 5 minutes away from my aunt house, so i agreed to send the hantaran to her house.
the pelamin was really nice!
and the room deco was also nice :D Ilyana did a great job..loved the overall look of the room.
to Izlin and Ilyana, thanks for choosing Little Flower Pot
...and thanks for inviting us to eat laksa, unfortunately we couldn't stay long.
thanks for the gifts too :)

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zafran said...

These are all impressive pictures i like so much but the chocolate tray is so beautiful.Send gifts to Pakistan