bridal bouquets

hello lovelies!!
here are some of the bridal bouquets done by LFP.
i only upload the new bouquets, yang penah buat takyah tunjuk dah ye..mcm ulang tayang plak hehe..
and really sorry for the low quality photo, ambik pakai webcam lappy je. i forgot where i put my camera and nak rushing so terpaksa snap guna apa yang ada je
3 colors bouquet. it was huge! and heavy! and look at the ribbons.. customer ada request nak ikat riben mcm tu sebab dorang kata cute. some said when they look at that style, it reminds them of Little Flower Pot. dah jadi mcm signature style plak ke? but i love it coz it looks cute :)

this one is carnation 2 tones and pink carnation with white rose.
this was for my niece's wedding. she wore green wedding attire so i did something that would complement the look and color.
to basmin who ordered the 2 bouquet(the pic of the white bouquet didn't look nice,its blurry so no pic here) and to shaza who ordered the carnations, big thanks :)
to yanti and azah who ordered red bouquet, pink bouquet, casa lily bouquet and calla lily bouquet, big thanks to u guys too :)


singapore florist said...

nice flowers arrangement. adorable colors.

Love from Valentine day flowers :)

bridal flower arrangements said...

It is great to read some of the information and feedback, here. I hope to read more ideas in the future!!!