another red wedding..

ija is one of my easy-to-deal-with customer. she's fussy, she has ideas on what she wants and always open for discussion. initially, she wanted black and silver hantaran but changed it to red and white hantaran. well, she made a rightttt choice! you can NEVER go wrong with this color, believe me!
just got the pictures today..ain't she cute!!! :D
she must be looking like a barbie doll if she's wearing a bridal gown! :)))
*flower girl basket ordered by ija

the last 7 red roses went to the bridal bouquet..

5 of 11 hantaran booked by ija.the bear couple(not with the chocolates) is the ring holder.

another 5 hantaran of 11. one more hantaran is sirih junjung using fresh red roses.
to ija and dean, thanks for choosing Little Flower Pot.
Semoga bahagia hingga ke akhir hayat :)

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